Ethan Chow

Entrepreneur + Engineer + Technologist

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I wear a lot of hats...

I'm currently pursuing a Master of Science in Cyber Security + Master of Business Administration

I also have a BS in Electrical Engineering but to call me just an electrical engineer is an understatement.

Taking full stack to the next level

I can build/secure/architect the REAL full stack, anywhere between fundamental device physics in transistors, designing a hyper efficient multi-threading processor, writing Assembly to modify a UEFI secure boot chain, explain dynamic memory allocation in C, automating with python scripts, utilizing a web framework, constructing a relational graph database in Neo4j, to spinning up Hadoop clusters managing terabytes of data.

And then

I've designed/marketed/executed UI/UX for android, iOS, and Windows phone apps, full scale marketing campaigns for internet startups, executed social media marketing campaigns with near 70% CTR (Click Through Rate), implementing backlinks to improve SEO for websites, and established the design standards for entire product lines.

But wait there's more

I lead/direct/communicate with multi-disciplinary teams at any scale, program managed fortune 15 company's product development with Agile methodology, SCRUM managed an innovative software team in Big Data technology, successfully delivered on countless resource constrained deadlines, organized a hackathon with attendees near a thousand.

Think it's too good to be true? Let's chat, I’ll prove it.

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My accomplishments and accolades

Poly Founders Poly Founders SkyNether SkyNether Genius Pad Genius Pad Hackpoly Hackpoly Abiotic Abiotic Technologies Bronco Scheduler Bronco Scheduler Coeus Coeus(HackMIT Best Use of Algorithms) Hackers of LA Hackers of LA WingIt WingIt(HackSC 1st Place) President of the Year President of the Year for the College of Business Administration Silicon Valley Whitepaper Silicon Valley White Paper *Satire* Startup Challenge Startup Challenge